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I have created the scenic art on productions I have designed myself, as well as worked as part of a scenic team for other designers.

This page shows expamples of my work and work I have created as part of a scenic team. 


Scenic Team member on 'Little Shop of Horrors', designed by Stewart Charlesworth. Performed at Westminster School, London. 

In the round, theatre space.

Examples of rust work, asbestos, oil spilliage and other scenic effects. 

(Click images to view in detail.) 


Scenic Team Member on 'My Fair Lady', designed by Stewart Charlesworthl. Westminster School, London.

Proscenium theatre space. 

Photography Oliver Bryant.

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Scenic Team Member. 'Human Animals' production. Caird Studio, Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. 

Studio Theatre Space.

Set designer: Aleksandra Klos.

Scenic Artists: Alina Soare, Aleksandra Klos,  Tessa Bentley, Fenna DeJonge, Mollie Cheek. 

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